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How to: Write an artist’s statement.

With my first solo photography exhibition coming up soon (tomorrow- eek!) and the launch of my website last year, I was forced to put on paper, in writing, an explanation of myself and my craft. This can be very tiresome to a visual creative  vs. an logical thinker.  I wrote a short and simple one page bio that I could add to later to round out the collection of my work that I will be displaying. After the fact, I researched many suggestion from people all over the web on writing the perfect statement but in the end I went with what I had because it was what I felt most comfortable with. There are no rules to follow, which means there are no rules to break!  I complied a few tips below  from my process to get you headed in the right direction.

Keep it short & simple.  Sit somewhere comfortable – I was outside on my porch. Look at your pieces and list out their subjects, themes, technique (film, black and white, alternative process), location, style, any and all things that come to your mind.

Write what you feel. What about this collection inspired/inspires you? Why did you choose this subject, or series? What is the purpose or idea you are trying to convey? In a few sentences describe your process and how it effects you personally, but be honest and don’t over romanticize it. Look at your work and think of questions that the viewer might have and explain them, but keep it brief.

Interject yourself. How long  have you been seriously pursuing your art and why did you start? Tell the audience why you enjoy what you do, and your drive behind it. The last thing anyone wants to read is a paragraph of you boasting so just mention a few of meaningful awards, honors you may have received or your most successful exhibits if you want.

Be Humble. Exhibit your confidence in a professional and personal manner.

Here’s what I’ve come up solo Exhibition “From Here to Home”

“From Here to Home” is a collection of eighteen black and white photographs from our world class National Park System, landmarks, cities, and the people who make this country great.

By removing the element of color from these otherwise vivid landscapes and events, I strive to bring out the small details which may have been ordinarily overlooked, and instead leaving it up to imagination to illuminate the scenes to create a personal storyline. Using a minimalistic approach this candid photography captures the textures and sense of place to convey the diversity of our own backyard that I adore so much.

I am inspired by both the cultural differences and the terrain that vary from city to city and state to state. Too often we tend to have preconceived thoughts about certain places that our fears and dreams have conjured up without ever stepping foot there. My aim is debunk those thoughts and open the mind to exploring as often as possible and to see the beauty that we ourselves have created or maintained for our this and future generations.

Our world is constantly changing for better and worse. Photography is one of the many ways that I can truthfully and conceptually document both past and present while we advance into the future.

I’m a self taught photographer and Florida native that approaches photography with a minimalistic philosophy and seldom uses any artificial light.

Photography has been my passion since early childhood. Photographing my friends and the world around me, I developed the desire to preserve these moments forever and pursue photography for enjoyment. I use both film, and digital; professional and plastic cameras in my endeavors.

Watching my neighborhood change dramatically each year is what motivates me to continue traveling, and documenting the world today as witness for future generations. I feel that photographs allow us to see people and places that are long gone; it proves their existence and that these images can take you to places you’ve never been and help you ‘go back’ when not possible. I live by my motto “A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the memory is priceless.”

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and creating art in many mediums. After all, it’s what keeps me going. I continuously seek new places, faces, and experiences to learn from, enjoy, and capture with my camera.

I have won superior prizes throughout the state of Florida. My photographs can be found in several print and online publications, and have been included in national photography exhibitions, as well as various stock collections including National Geographic. I am currently working on a series of photography books that encompass my journey to date.


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