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2012 Stand Alone Desktop Calendar

I just launched my newest creation tonight, a desktop calendar and it’s super spiffy. The calendar  is made up of 12 4 x 6 inch prints that I print at home on my dye-sublimination printer. Curious about my printing methods? A dye-sublimination printer is much like the one used at a professional lab. The photos are printed one color at a time using a heat transfer process and dye, instead of ink. The print is then coated with a protective glossy laminate which fights fading due to UV light, air, and prevents water damage.

Each month features a different gorgeously vivid landscape photograph that I have created on my travels. I’m very excited to finally put out a functional product that nearly everyone can enjoy. It’s a unique style and is not meant to be thrown away like traditional calendars. After the year is over you can cut off the calendar part and hang the photos up to brighten up your personal space or your gloomy office desk!

Can’t wait to get your hands on one?


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