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I heart this.

I heart this: Gifts for photographers.

I’ve been an Etsy shop owner for about 3 years now. I’m constantly finding awesome handmade goodies that I fall in love with no matter what the theme. It’s no shock that Etsyians have much love for photographers. I hand picked these guys from my favorites list to debut this new weekly column, Merchandise Monday. Silly title, but I couldn’t think of anything to clever.  I have so many interests so this column will vary as far as the products I feature. If you have an awesome item and want me to check it out for consideration, feel free to drop me a line.
 (Buy it here)
 I spotted this gorgeous camera strap with a fuzzy underbelly.
It also makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside.
The shop owner has tons of different patterns.
I’m sure something will tickle your fancy.
(Buy it here)
This little gem has been on my mind for a few months now.
It’s handcrafted, wood, and polaroid.. What is not to like?
(Buy it here)
An adorable Rollei iPhone case and it’s super cheap, at $10!
Wouldn’t it be darling to whip this baby out when cell shooting?
 (Buy it here)
This is a GREAT idea and I will be sure to buy one!
It’s a business card holder for your camera strap.
It’s such a pain to dig through my Crumpler for cards.
(Buy it here)
There are so many options for decals out there.
I haven’t found the perfect one for my Macbook Pro yet.
 I’ve been eying this one for a while. Comes in Nikon too.

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