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5 Fantastic year long photo projects.

Looking for a challenge to wake up your creativity through photography? People all around the world are dedicating one year (or more!) to yearly photo projects. You’ve probably already seen one or more of them, maybe even completed one, or attempted to. It takes a lot of discipline and some days ideas will come easier than others but in the end it’s totally worth it.  There’s a project waiting out there for you, whether you want to take a photo a week, one a day, or just concentrate on a series with an end result and no time frame.. see, something for everyone! I’ve made a list of the most fantastic ones.  An added benefit is you are going to make a lot of new friends online, which will leads to more networking across the globe. All of the groups are available for posting on Flickr, except for the last one– Which is fairly new and I’m not sure why a group hasn’t been created for it. Keep reading…………

365 Days

365 days is a daily “self portrait” project. Your objective is easy enough, take one photo a day and  you have to be the picture in some way. People get really creative with this one, usually a lot of photoshopping but certainly over-flowing with creativity. It’s fun to check in on what others are doing for inspiration too.  Interested in starting? join the flickr group

Project 365

Another year long photo challenge. This group aims to document your life and daily activities then just yourself but including yourself is not prohibited, obviously. Take a photo of yourself a day doing the 365 days project can get boring unless you are super creative so this may be a better one to start off with. Interested in starting? join the flickr group

project RAINBOW

This project is really fun, but not super challenging. The goal is to take a series of 140 photos, 20 of each color of the rainbow. The rules are simple enough, the color has to be in the photo but not necessarily the dominate color. Time to get your ROYGBIV on right? I think it’s a great way to understand color theory. Interested in starting? join the flickr group 

52 Weeks

For those of us with less free time this is the challenge for you! One photo a week, yes that’s right just ONE but it HAS to be a self portrait. Unlike Project 365 where just a part of you has to be in the frame this group has decided that your whole entire face must be. Do NOT attempt if you are camera shy. Interested in starting? join the flickr group


This is the newest photo project that I’ve come across. The story behind it is truly inspiring, so much it made national news and now they are making a documentary about it. The creator Hailey in 2008 was at the height of her depression, to get herself out of the funk she started taking a polaroid a day of something she was grateful for. I connected with this idea on many levels because of recent events in my life and I’ll be starting it soon. You don’t have to take invest the nearly $400 in cost of film for the year to do it either. Who is that sexy man at the top of this project? That’s my husband, one of the many things I’m grateful for.   Interested in starting? start a blog

All of these projects can be started any day of the year. Although a lot of people choose to start the first of a new year but thats probably because it’s easier to keep track or a it’s a resolution of sorts.  Just as many start up randomly though!. It’s easy to procrastinate but you want to be productive right? Start today! Okay, so in my head I just sounded like the cheesiest sales person ever, too bad I’m not getting paid for this. Boo! You don’t have to join the flickr groups to get involved, you don’t have to do it digitally either. It’s a great project to blog about too. Many people have been successful with blogging these types of projects as long as you keep it interesting. I know you will.  I goal was to inspire you to keep on shooting so I hope I have.


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5 thoughts on “5 Fantastic year long photo projects.

  1. What great projects! I’ve been wanting to do the 365 one but now I think I’ll do the last one! And make it one photo a week or something, haha, anything to keep me going! I have a 10 month old daughter who just loves to keep me busy : ) Update us on your project!

    Posted by Zoe | 7 September, 2011, 3:49 am
    • Awesome! I agree, this is a great list of photo projects and really something for everyone.
      I plan on blogging my a photo project soon. I need to start one, but I have been super busy between work, college, and Etsy!

      I think I’m going to start project rainbow on October 1st 🙂 I just subscribed to your blog too and added it to my reading list in Safari! Thanks for reading!

      Posted by PixelGrin | 7 September, 2011, 5:05 am
  2. these are all great ideas! thanks for the suggestions =)

    Posted by dawndenise | 31 October, 2011, 3:48 am


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