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The 5 most Inspiring Photographers in the world.

The photographers listed  below are in no particular order. The are ALL number one in my book, and deserve it.  I’m a dreamer. I often see myself in far-away places that I’ve not been blessed to visit– it keeps me on track and with hope, that one day I will get to see all of the things that I want to see and do everything that I want to do. There are a certain group of individuals  who I live vicariously through for most of my dreams while I establish myself and secure a future.  Lucky enough they are visual artists who tell the truth as mind bending as it may be.  This is a list of amazing photographers that continually inspire me and always keep me dreaming. If you do anything today, check out their stunning work.

David LaChapelle
Surrealist Photographer

LaChapelle is the best surrealist photographer that I think most of us would agree, we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. He is certainly my favorite photographer in general, but also of his genre. His creativity is boundless and unmatched. David has  had the pleasure of shooting celebrities of all status from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga and everyone in between. To me, every photograph he creates is a masterpiece. Dave LaChapelle is pure genius.

Mark Seliger
Editorial Photographer

As an editorial photographer, best known to me for his work with Rolling Stone magazine, he has touched the lives of music fans all over the world with his brilliant candid rock portraits. I first discovered Mark after purchasing the Rolling Stone Book “Kurt Cobain” back in the 90’s, seeing the portrait of one of my musical idols in such a simple black and white portrait, so sharp and crisp, made my desire to want to become a photographer to capture and meet these monumental human beings even greater.

Dave Hill
Commercial Photographer

Dave’s advertisement collection is nothing short of freaking amazing. He produces these epic composites that are worthy of  a standing ovation, if we did that sort of thing for commercial photographers. He has a true creative eye, and is beyond successful for just crossing the line into his 30’s. I’ve been a fan of his for quite sometime.

James Nachtway
Photojournalist – War Photographer

Most of James’ photographs I can’t bear to look at, to be honest. His vivid beautifully horrible images of war encompass the pain and suffering in not just military operations, but the war on drugs, disease, and religion to name a few.  The majority of his work, published in black and white only adds to the dramatic true life stories he tells through his camera.

Steve McCurry
Photojournalist – Travel Photographer

Colorful, honest portraits and everyday scenes of developing countries, dominant communist control, and our own back yard are what Steve excels at in the field. Lifting his career off by disguise, to get a story, is something that not many other people would dare think of. His work is is beyond inspiring as he brings stories of worlds so different from ours, yet very close, but still out of reach for most of us.

I love you guys. You’re what cheers me up when I’m down and what helps me through the tough times as I dream to have even a  crumb of the success and experiences you’ve traversed in your career.


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2 thoughts on “The 5 most Inspiring Photographers in the world.

  1. amazing photos!!

    Posted by thebigbookofdating | 29 June, 2011, 4:20 pm
  2. Thanks you, it’s good to hear that what inspires me also inspires another!

    Posted by PixelGrin | 6 July, 2011, 6:03 pm

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