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Stories: Faustine.

I was so hyped about my post on Pet Portraits that I just had to go out and buy a puppy! Okay, so maybe the post wasn’t entirely the reason, but none-the-less we just added a four legged ball of fun to our family and I thought I would share with the world! I know the last thing that anyone wants to look at is someone else’s fuzzball but I just couldn’t resist since the topic is still relevant.

Faustine, is a female Corgi-German Shepherd mix, a rescue from the Broward Humane Society and just three months old! She’s still a bit frazzled having left behind 2 of her sisters, but she’s already warming up to us just fine. How good of a mommy would I be if I didn’t give her a mini photo shoot on her first day home!

Aside from being nervous to all things new to her, she has a few stitches. She was spayed before we took her home and had an in-grown claw that they had to fix up too. She goes back in a week to the vet and hopefully she’ll be running around even more and up for some more photographs. I can’t wait to get to know the new pup and see her true personality shine.

Enough with this useless sap, and on to something a bit more humorous. She has a striking resemblance to grommit, have you noticed?


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