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Polaroid Style Ceramic Coasters

Joining in on the ultimate crusade to bring back the handmade goods, I opened my Etsy shop up to more than just my fine art prints. Realizing the making my art more functional would do a world of good for the market I’m trying to reach out to.

I created these Polaroid style ceramic coasters because they showcase my photography as well as create a product that every person can utilize in their daily lives. I love polaroid film, always have, always will no matter how expensive it gets. I remember borrowing my mom’s polaroid camera when I was so small, it was fascinating. The fact that I could point that viewfinder anywhere and instantly revel, forever a moment in time, frozen.  She disliked the fact that each slide was $1 and that I was click happy, but still she never refused to reload it for me.

Moving along into the digital age where analog photography is quickly using its ground for other methods of nearly instant gratification makes me even more determined to carry on a tradition of instant film. I thought about mounting my own polaroids on to the coasters but the truth is, I just can’t bear to part with them. Each one, so special, so unique and still so fascinating.

The ceramic tiles are 100% made in the USA. I print out the images on my own dye-sub printer, meticulously picked out photographs from my entire collection, yet something so beautiful I hope it appeals to the masses.  I have so many ideas floating around in my head for series’ that I can produce. This is my first set, an original. I’m still improving upon my method, as it stands it takes a few days to do just one set of 4, yet I want them in the hands of people so bad that I price them very cheaply.


You can support me by purchasing this set, or any of my others to come from my Etsy shop. At $15 a set, they are priced to sell. I will be adding more styles, and sets as time goes on to check back! If you have a custom request, let me know. I have been toying with the idea of creating the coasters for custom orders with photos of your family, or friends.


If not for you, then for a friend. They are sure to brighten anyone’s day over and over again. Wake each day with a smile.




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