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Stories: Breakdown, a photography exhibition.

Breakdown, my second photography exhibition is a collection of both black & white and color photographs created in our diverse National Parks from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans. I titled in Breakdown, because I secretly wish that I “breakdown” when traveling for a chance to explore, an uncharted to me, place. I am constantly seeking that element of surprise. Often when I travel, I don’t look at pictures or read too much into what that place holds because it ruins that feeling you get in your chest, (think butterflies) when you discover something new.

Although I have uploaded most of these images online for all the public to see, I still prefer to hold a photograph in my hand, or look at it in person instead of through a screen, to me, it’s just not the same. I made a choice that I wanted to further myself, and gain some followers who are interested in my art, and my creative eye, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money renting out gallery space, or launching an advertising campaign. I first asked if any of my friends were interested in doing a show, to cut costs, but that attempt failed miserably. I quickly realized that If I wanted something, then I would need to do it myself – and I did.

I wrote several people, and places asking about displaying my photography and was persistant about it. I landed my first one at my community center for free. It was a 1 month gig. After jumping through hoops and limboing under the red tape, it was set. This wasn’t the first time my photography has been exhibited, or shown publicly (not online). I went in as an award winning photographer, whose photos have been published both on and offline already but no one outside of my inner circle knows who  the hell I am!

I treat each success as if it’s the biggest deal in the world. Every small step forward leads you in the right direction. I landed a second gig, a few weeks later (which would turn out to actually be my first) and then I was addicted. I started envisioning how I wanted it set up, and which prints I wanted to include and changed my mind a few times.

My next big concern was my budget.  As a starving artist I wanted to get the most, for the least. I explored options all over the web and locally to find the best deals. I displayed all 18 photos for under $150.  I had all of my prints professionally printed a local lab. I cut all of the boards myself, and discount shopped the hell out of the frames over a few months.  I wasn’t 100% happy with the frames, and to be honest they aren’t the best either but they are simple and minimal which goes along with my style.

All in all, I can’t wait to do more shows, win more contests, and get my name out there.


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