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Stories: Thank You Steve.

Photo © Albert Watson 

By now, no matter who you are you probably have seen the Apple.com homepage and this portrait of Steve.  I hear that Steve was a tough subject to photograph, described a “nightmare” by some who have had the pleasure honor to work with him. Here is an interesting article about that now FAMOUS photo. The minimalist style, and easy lighting, pose, all of it just screams “Steve Jobs.” A brilliant, light-hearted, and good person. This is why I love photography. You can see so much about a person by just one photo, one split second “cast in stone” for eternity. Read about it here.

Any long time Apple user can tell you how much Apple Computers, products, or their hero, Steve Jobs has changed their life…hell, even the new converts probably can. Over the past 5 years or so, with the introduction of the iPhone, Apple finally and literally took the world by storm. The news of the passing of Steve, literally brought tears, (and I mean a lot of them) to my eyes. He was truly brilliant. For many of us, like myself, our first computer was an Apple. We used them in school, to play games, and to learn. I’m sure you remember moving the “turtle.” Steve Jobs had a lot of visions and he made them come to fruition, which not many of us can say for ourselves, even if some were a flop… Newton anyone??? The point is he was innovative. This is way I truly loved about the Apple company, head by Jobs or not, is their innovation. They were always one step ahead of the rest. You know you have a brilliant idea if everyone in the world is trying to duplicate your vision every which way possible. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t write someone who inspires me so much, for so many reasons.

The world now is learning all about who Steve really was, and that his soul is worth much more than a shining logo of an apple. Even if you have never owned an Apple, or perhaps never even used one, I encourage you to take a few minutes and read about the man behind the magic. Ironically, he recently finished his biography, working with author Walter Isaacson, titled Steve Jobs which is due out on October 24th. So, thank you Steve, for all that you have done in your short lifetime. You have changed the world 100 ways from tomorrow and I’m glad that you never gave up on your dreams.


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