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5 More Photography Apps for iPhone.

It’s a new year, and that means out with the old in with the new, right? Nope! It means add more to your collection! In fact, my first list of apps haven’t been replaced with something developed more recently so here is an additional group of 5 more apps you need for 2012.

Disposable (FREE) by Synthetic Corp, the same awesome developers that brought us Hipstamatic, Incredibooth, and the lack-luster Swank-o-lab. This is by FAR the neatest app I’ve played around with and it’s brand new. The concept is innovative and fun. Basically, you and your invited friends all share the same “disposable” camera. Everyone snaps photos to the same roll of film on their own respective phones. The results cannot be viewed by anyone until the entire roll (24 frames) has been shot. Then, the photos are viewable by everyone who contributed to the roll. My friends and I have had a blast so far with this app. We named some cameras things like “only red things” and “alcohol”, then we shoot the desired theme. Oh, and the app is COMPLETELY FREE! You can buy additional cameras but you get 2 for free, and 1 more if you connect with Facebook.

Vintage Camera (FREE) by Presselite is one you’ve probably already downloaded. The app got a lift recently. I LOVE the interface. You can add “vintage” colored effects, just like many other photography apps but with Vintage you can add textures. The app pulls from the camera roll or live camera and utilizes flash and the front facing camera if desired. There are 14 different filters, some of my favorites are the high contrast black & white “Chaplin”, the turquoise toned “River” and the fancy pants “Rainbow.” Vintage Camera has no additional In-App purchases.

100 Cameras in 1 (FREE) by one of my favorite modern photographers, Trey Ratcliff, AKA Stuck in Customs, developed this app mid 2011. It was only a month old when I made my first post and didn’t make the cut. This app is pretty in-depth with lots of different coloring options, textures, and blending modes. The great part about 100 Cameras in 1 the ability to add multiple layers upon multiple layers of effects. I also like the little live preview you get next to each effect before choosing it for additional options and intensity. Vintage Camera is also available for iPad but at the cost of $3.99. Trey also released an explore-able travel/photography app for iPad late last year called “Stuck on Earth,” it’s free and I recommend giving it a download too.

Snapseed ($4.99) by Nik Software Inc was offered for free the end of 2011 as part of the 7 days of Christmas and I was lucky enough to grab it then. It’s worth the money they charge, however.  If you don’t want to splurge you can get Photoshop Express which pulls of almost the same amount of adjustments but not really.  This app is filled to the brim with features. Adjustments for brightness, sharpness(details), cropping, straightening horizons, and more. You can also add effects, and whatnot. All in all, I am overly satisfied with what this tiny application and pull off on my phone. If your wallet doesn’t have the 5 bucks to shell out, the next app is a free alternative.

PEStudio by Everimaging LTD (FREE) is amazing at what it does. Not only can you apply the same filters and effects that just about all iPhone developers create, but you can now adjust color temperature (white balance), saturation, contrast, crop, rotate and more. They recently released an update with a few more features, but I’ve yet to update because they changed the icon. I really dislike when the devs do that! Do you? Sometimes I can be so stubborn to miss out on great updates because of little aesthetic annoyances. Sooner or later I will accidentally hit that “UPDATE ALL” button and cry a little while. P.s Photo Effect Studio Pro is also available for Mac from the App Store for $9.99 for our pleasure.

There you have it, another set of 5 beautiful apps for great iPhoneography. I have high hope for 2012 in the way of photography application development.


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2 thoughts on “5 More Photography Apps for iPhone.

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