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The Importance of Reworking & Rediscovering “Throw Aways.”

After coming back from a trip the first thing I do (before even unpacking!) is start the process of sorting through, generally,  hundreds or thousands of photos depending on the destination and the time spent there. It’s known as a workflow, and I’ve yet to make a post about it — maybe I will soon.

I have to admit, it’s a tedious process albeit rewarding and fun. I get to relive an awesome life experience all over again. So we’re sitting here feeling overwhelmed with what seems like an endless list of huge .RAW files and .MOV’s, wondering just how long is this going to take. It’s always my first priority as a photographer. I basically take all of my images at once and check each one out, using my fancy organizing schemes, I separate them into “piles” a folder for uploading online to Flickr, a folder for tangible prints, a folder for selling online, and my throw-aways. Throw aways are the photos that didn’t make the cut, usually out of -or- missed focus, household angled snapshots of me or my husband, dreadfully exposed, or just plain boring (hey, it happens to the best of us!!). These are the shots that I take for memories alone, and not so much for their artistic value. Every now and again I go back and revisit those folders hidden in the darkened abyss to never see daylight and I sometimes, find my vision and thoughts have changed.

Perhaps, they were just over looked with dreary traveled out eyes, or I learned a new technique for processing and it’s the perfect lighting; either way a diamond in the rough seemed to appear out of nowhere and it’s time for resurrection. Speaking of learning new techniques, I’ve recently narrowed down a style of processing that suits the aesthetically pleasuring quotient that conveys my mood perfectly for my photography. It’s time consuming to do a lot of post-processing work, which I was never really into before, but these times, they are a changin’.

The moral of this fantastic short story is, make sure every once in a while you revisit your photo trash bin and see what you can recycle.  I did this tonight while uploading some photos to my Facebook Business Page with the very few free minutes I had to myself tonight. This is a small collection of both throw-aways and revisits.


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