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Stories: Milestones!

This shot was taken at the Be Inspired! Exhibit at the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale. Two people check out one of my photographs and read the placard.

It’s been almost a year since I started working hardcore on getting my business up and running, pursuing my passion professionally and really working towards growing this into something wonderful. So here I was tonight  just sitting around after being contacted by a huge magazine who is considering featuring my work in a few months. Still reeling, I started to reflect on all that I have accomplished over the past year or so to see just how far I’ve come. I must say that it is quite rewarding. It’s good to step back once and a while to evaluate yourself, right? I want to be the next success story!  I scoured all of my paperwork, and websites to gather as many stats as I could. I only WISH that I could create a magnificent infographic (I just adore them to no end.) for all of this information, but alas it’s not going to happen tonight.

I just can’t express enough how grateful I am for the success that I have had so far.


  • Etsy Shop Total Views: 8,119
  • Etsy Item Favorites: 511
  • Etsy Shop Favorites: 102
  • Etsy Shop Admirers: 100
  • Average Items for Sale: 90
  • Total Etsy Sales:  64


  • Blog Hits: 2,003
  • Blog Posts: 42
  • Blog Comments: 29
  • Blog Followers: 13
  • Blog Months: 10



  • Ribbons Awarded: 7
  • Photo Contests Entered: 6
  • Photo Contests Won: 4 (2 pending)
  • Group Photography Exhibitions: 3
  • Solo Photography Exhibitions: 2


  • Total Sales: 70
  • Largest Coaster Order: 36
  • States I have shipped my photography to: 22
  • Countries I have shipped my photography to: 3
  • Indie Craft Shows Attended: 1

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Photography. Punk Rock. Art. Travel.


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