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I heart this.

I heart this: Gifts for Photographers part 2.

It’s been quite a while since I did an “I heart this:” post. This is part two of my favorite finds from Etsy, and it’s all about photographers! You can find part one here. If you have a photographer friend, or perhaps you just want to indulge yourself because you deserve it, then check out these fun little gifts.

This T-shirt is pretty great. I love silhouettes first of all but the addition of the birds just makes the composition pop. I’ve seen a lot of T-shirts that are geared towards photographers, and most of them have some sort of silly quip about shooting people… This shirt? Well, it has style! You can buy it here. 

Since were talking about silhouettes, here’s another great idea for a photographer. These are vinyl decals that stick on your car. HA! I can’t stand those little stick figures that everyone puts on their back glass, but I love stickers! I’ve been questing after the perfect sticker that screams ‘photographer’ and I’m pretty sure I found it! You can buy it here. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Handmade CD envelopes for clients. 10 sleeves for under $15 – now that’s a bargain. The best part is, they are completely customizable! I will certainly be buying these in the future for the DVD I provide my clients. Like them too? You can buy it here.

Yes, another T-shirt, but this one is for the ladies! I used to think these  types of shirts were entirely too cheesy, and in fact, I still do, but this is too cute not to post. I guess maybe they’ve grown on me. I’d wear it just for the fun factor and I’m sure old ladies will constantly approach you for tips on using the new digital cameras their children got them for the holidays. You can buy it here.

Fun vintage camera magnets.. because your fridge needs a hug. These are super cheap and might be the pick me up your fridge or locker is in desperate need of. Like them? You can buy it here.

I was not contacted by any of these Etsy sellers and do not get paid for featuring them. I just happen to love their products and share the idea of buying handmade. I have not purchased from any of the merchants in this post (yet) and cannot guarantee product quality or satisfaction. 

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One thought on “I heart this: Gifts for Photographers part 2.

  1. These are fantastic finds! Love the decals, especially. Wonderful idea!

    Posted by Shannon | 15 March, 2012, 4:41 am

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