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Stories: Waiting & Anticipation – Magazine Feature!

Where have I been? Way back in February I was contacted by an Admin on Etsy for a Press Request from Ladies Home Journal. They “possibly” wanted to feature my polaroid style coasters in their upcoming issue. Unable to meet the 2 day deadline for them to receive my coasters, I was very disappointed. After speaking with the admin from Etsy and explaining that I would just love to have them considered, but I simply could not have them there in 2 days due to the time it takes for me create them. I was almost shocked when she got back to me the next day saying that they will be able to accept them in 5 days time and that the magazine has provided me with their FedEx account to ensure they were received at their office in New York on time.

I got a set done, and shipped them off to their office with literally, 3 minutes till deadline shipping for the night. I was given very few details, other then the issue’s theme. Etsy and the magazine wanted to make sure that my coasters would be available after the issue date (May 10th) and that I would be able to recreate them without an issue, because my sales would likely triple. Thank goodness, my college semester is over for the summer. I had to delay my roadtrip travel plans to dedicate the time for this opportunity.

Etsy explained that It would be unlikely that I would hear back from the magazine if they decided to print the feature. I was surprised when she got back to me in a few days letting me know that they shot the coasters! This means they made it to the issue, and only had to go through the final final edit to see if that page would be included in the issue.

Well, someone from my family found the June issue somewhere and grabbed a copy and to my DELIGHT, my coasters are there. Technically, the issue arrives to subscribers on May 10th, and hits the stands a few days later.

Just knowing that a national publication has handled my work, and it has passed their quality and design standards enough to advertise it (for free!) in their magazine, makes my tummy flutter and my eyes twinkle. I have been wearing a smile from ear to ear for days since I found out. This is a huge accomplishment for me, and it just goes to show that hardwork, dedication, and passion really do determine where you will go in life.

I took a snapshot of the page (48) but have been so busy preparing and creating stock that I haven’t taken a second to sit down and “professionally” photograph the page. This will be one that will be framed soon. 🙂

Update 29 May 2012: I found the feature online last week and forgot to post it! Here is a direct link to my coasters: http://www.lhj.com/style/fashion/advice/you-deserve-this-june-2012/?page=6 and the entire “You Deserve This” feature for June 2012 is here: http://www.lhj.com/style/fashion/advice/you-deserve-this-june-2012/

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