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Need super cute gift ideas? I’ll give you four!

I forgot to post my newest coaster designs listed in my Etsy Shop. I really like them because they are meaningful and some of my favorite things! I figured it might be better, and less intrusive to post all at once instead of one at a time.

Sooooo summer is almost here! It’s getting rainy and hot but still sunny in South Florida which is okay. Those sunny days give me time to craft and the rainy days remind me to play.  My husband is one of the biggest weather geeks, so running around with him storm chasing is always fun and daring. A few years ago we got Skywarn certified so as a spotter, chasing those storms really matter now. PixelGrinPhotography on Etsy has  had a little facelift recently, I designed a new shop banner with one of the logo ideas I’ve been throwing around for about 8 months now, still undecided — but I’m getting there. I think I might write up a little post next about SEO & Etsy, I’ve been doing a lot of research for becoming more relevant in search and even picked up a book that has been on our shelf for years about SEO and Google. My husband needed it for a company he worked for at the time. Interesting how things like that come full circle.  Want to see the goods?

Florida Key Deer 




Ah but that is not the end my friends. I made other changes in my shop as well. I am now shipping internationally to a limited area, ALL of the European Union (26 countries & the UK), New Zealand, Australia, & Canada.  This means great things for international buyers who no longer need to message me first. Shipping rates are steep, but I found the lowest rate possible after doing much research.


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