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I heart this.

I heart this: The fPOE Collective Vol. 2

Over the years of selling my photography on Etsy I’ve met some fantastic people with common interests. A group of ladies whom I can both learn from and teach to; tricks  and processes to continue to grow my fine art business to epic proportions. I haven’t fully made the jump from side project to full time but I’m hoping with enough perseverance, one day, sooner than later — I’ll get there.

This group of ladies put out a quarterly themed collection of images in book form. This was my first time submitting photography for consideration. The theme was “Hot in Summer.” I couldn’t pass up this opportunity because I’d be kicking myself in the butt for missing out! After all salty hair and sandy toes are two of my favorite things. I’ve always enjoyed the beach, but more so the ocean; at night. Starting into turquoise water is very calming and beautiful to me, one of my most prized earthly elements. I could do it forever for hours on end, not moving a single muscle – clearing my mind. I still pick up conch shells and stick my ear to them to hear the ocean waves.

I choose to submit a fairly recent shot, which is the definition of my ocean obsession. I was grateful to get the Congradulations! email from the publishers that my photo would be included in the upcoming issue.

The photo is titled “You may never find this spot” & “Secret Spot” depending on my mood. I created it on New Years Eve on an island just north of Key West. My husband, and friend we’re camping for a few nights in order to spend the weekend down there. Sleeping under the stars, sitting around a bon fire, and the comfortable uneasy feeling of camping really excites me and something that we have been enjoying for years.  We got into the car and started to just drive, another activity I find delight in; getting lost & exploring. We ventured road after road and finally a dead end, we spotted a Key Deer and just had to stop because they are so rare to see in general and in the day even more so. We climbed a few rocks and ducked under and around bushes and tree canopies, palm trees and the like into a semi-soft marshy area where the water’s edge was where it met the land. There were no homes or people as far as the eye could see and it was magical. The ocean was calm and super blue, not a cloud in the sky to distract from the perfectly level horizon line. I have a feeling not too many people find  this spot, or dare to get out of the car and start walking past the end of the road, but we did and we stumbled upon an almost untouched piece of paradise.

But enough about me! The book is filled with several photographers in it’s 32 pages all covering their personal interpreted ideas about the theme. There are some really beautiful photographs in  this book and I am so proud to be a part of it. The book is super affordable at only $12 and a few bucks for shipping.

If you’re interested in owning a copy it can be purchased here!


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