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Simply Summer – PiXELGRiN style!

So over the past months I’ve designed and released 4 new sets of PixelGrin’s signature set of Polaroid Ceramic Drink Coasters including new personalization options! I’m super stoked to stock these suckers in my shop. Did you read that twice?

These are for all of the saltheads who lead a salt life from the east coast to the west. So I have 2 California sets, since they seem to be hugely popular. One set of serene rocky beaches from the famous 17-mile drive and the wicked cold & stunningly turquoise waters of the Pacific from CA Highway 1.  I really need to make my way out to California soon. I’ll be in Seattle this fall!



Late last month I debuted these guys. A set of flash frozen pieces of the highly enigmatic Miami Graffiti Street Art. Since these walls are always changing I go down to this part of Miami every once in a while and snap up the goodness for longevity. These were some of my favorite from my most recent trip.


Drum roll please….. Thank you and don’t forget to tip your waitress. I did a set of coasters for a friend, who was bringing them as a wedding gift to someone. I was messing around with the coaster I use at work on my desk and drew on it out of boredom. All of a sudden it hit me, to write on the coasters as we do with real ones, and personlization was born. I can now forever, encapsulate memories, and such for anyone who would like to add a touch of nostalgia to their set. Personally, I really like this idea and I hope others do too. I started off with just a test set of my newest design, my lovely home in Fort Lauderdale. EAST SIDE! I’m offering Personalization for free on any set of Polaroid Ceramic Coasters. Handwritten messages of love. ❤


All of these sets remind me of summer, vacation, and travel. The beauty of unknown and familiar land whether near or far is always just a thought away after gazing into these beautiful landscapes. Yes, even Miami. For now, I’m bumping up production and ideas for this year’s holiday season. I’ll be back soon with another tutorial and some new great places to market your art visually. Until text time..


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