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The 4 Best FREE websites to visually market yourself and your art in 2012.

I’m at the stage with PixelGrin where I am ready to kick my marketing up 2 notches.  I’ve been experimenting with views and statistics to give my business a boost in time for the holiday season. The summer months are slow for Etsy & retail in general. I get it!  It’s summertime and the living’s easy! So I asked myself “What’s  the most productive way to spend this time that gives back to my business.”  I thought about taking a break and enjoying the lull for a few weeks but quickly decided that’s the worst possible choice. Instead, I pretended that I was offering advice to a friend who had posed the question to me.

— You could make extra stock for the upcoming holiday season….or you could organize your space, finances, .etc. How about making some small price increases or brainstorming new ideas. You could re-write your biography, or finally update your website! You could re-shoot all of your products, change your titles & tags or work on your SEO.  There are always endless things that need improvement and focus when you run a small business. With an online shop, generally,  most of us are forced to not only DO everything but BE everything as well.  You are the maker, designer, marketer, artist, photographer, editor, salesperson, and social media guru.

“Do you wish you had a full time staff?”  Well, frankly that question is not easily answered.

Sometimes I do feel overwhelmed but I really ENJOY every single aspect of running my business.  Ok, I lied. I am awful at math and have an undiluted disdain toward number crunching.  I love having full control. It spews a confidence from which no other position I’ve held has. It gives me knowledge and pleasure and it’s reassuring that I am still happy, the dream is alive, and success is right around the corner.

Now, about that marketing….. Social media is redefining the way people interact and now, shop online. I did some detective work including use of the newest and most popular social media website that  I found are great for VISUALLY MARKETING your art online. I did a little research on the audience to help you figure out which website, if not all are best suited for your target market.

  • INSTAGRAM. Instagram is a photo sharing application for both iOS & Adroid devices. It’s super easy to use right now and has been gaining popularity among smart phone users long before the Facebook acquisition.  It turns out that the average user age is 18-34. Instagram boasts features that enable the user to post & search tags, like photos, follow other users, and the greatest benefit, I think, users cannot  SAVE images that they did not upload themselves. This is HUGE plus for artists who are afraid of theft.

  • PINTEREST. Is among the top 3 social networking sites with 104 million users worldwide. The average age of Pinterest users are aged 24-34, followed closely by those aged 35-44. Pinterest is virtual “pinboard”, like the cork bulletin board you have above your work desk. A collection of your favorite things, your desires, dreams, ideas for the future, inspiration, .etc. Users can pin and collect pins of others for just about anything on the web. Photos, Blog Posts, products.. basically anything that has a URL and a photo that the bookmarklet can grab. It’s a great way to network with other like minded people. You can track people down based on their interests and target a user specifically in a post or comment using @username.

  • TUMBLR. Tumblr is a extremely simple to use blogging host with a extensive but sometimes vapid community. The majority of Tumblr users are reported to be 12-17, with 50% being under 25.  While my own research concluded the the age range to be 18-24. Alexa only reports users over 18, however. So the Hitwise calculation may be more accurate. Tumblr lets you follow others and tag/search entries. Tumblr’s one-click reblogging tool might be it’s largest benefit, its’s extremely easy to share with one another.

  • WANELO. Wanelo is fairly new startup but rapidly climbing to the top of the trend lists. It’s similar to Pinterest only for finding new and unique products. The company explains the meaning behind the name: Want Need Love. Wanelo’s simple aesthetic delicately & delightfully showcases products, equivalent to the impulse buying section in a department store. You see therefore you need. Users can create lists and sort their finds. The website also has a bookmarklet for easy posting.

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2 thoughts on “The 4 Best FREE websites to visually market yourself and your art in 2012.

  1. I found this via my schools connected sites… http://art-support.com/

    Posted by brandylynnart | 1 August, 2012, 3:36 pm

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