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Happy August 1st! You’re probably wondering what’s so special about today right? Don’t worry you didn’t miss out on some huge world issue like the commencing of world peace, I’m just celebrating life. Happy to be alive today.. challenges and all. I’m spreading the news about 2 new collections that I created a few weeks ago, Motivational & Inspirational Prints and Ceramic Coaster Sets.

For the past few years I’ve been into some pretty unconventional practices as I try to grow personally and spirtually into a better person. My husband has always considered himself a follower of Buddist practices. About 5 years ago, I took an interest in learning more about the philosphy. Since then, I’ve read a plethora of books, visited many western Buddhist temples, attended festivals and complete a ton of practices. I’ve worked on improving my person, my thoughts, keeping kindness, compassion, and a general alturistic attitude as much as possible. I’m human, so I’m not perfect and sometimes my thoughts and emotions DO get the best of me. It’s normal! I haven’t given up though. I designed these collections for those days where I feel self defeated. I figured that there are others out there who need a pick-me-up too. Something pretty, something to ponder and marvel. Something to drive motivation and inspiration. Online, theres a growing trend of pairing beautiful photography with these inspiring messages and I that’s one bandwagon I couldn’t resist. It really focuses on what’s going on in my head.

I’m noticing a tread of positivity and kindness in the world BUT I’m not seeing things through rose colored glasses, there are still plenty of outwardly a-holes (keeping it real here). It could be the whole social exchange theory. Maybe I am seeing more positive and kind people because I have been more kind and positive and have rid myself of the bothers of negative people who’ve in the past brought me down. Further thinking that I have abandoned friendships on negative personal perception rather then seeing the whole picture… well I realize now that was wrong and I can only learn from and press on.

For the past 7 months I have been going through some very difficult personal struggles. It’s nothing that I am letting get me down but life has been challenging. I’m generally very open and outward with my woes and that’s something I’ve worked extremely hard on quitting and I’ve just about mastered it with positive thinking.

So I was thinking about things that motivate me and writing down phrases when the magic happens. My brain automatically thinks of a photo I’ve created that seemingly is the very definition of my thoughts, only visually. Inspiration.

Now you’re thinking great I read all of this..where is my reward?                                                                       Pretty pictures to make you smile are below. 🙂



You can find more in my  Etsy shop, and I hope you find something that strikes your fancy.










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