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Featured Photographer, Angela Burtraw.


Abstract Blue Glass by Angela Burtraw

There’s something mysterious about abstract art and while we readily fire off thoughts of painters or sculptors when we think about it, not much credit is given to other artist mediums. To be simple, Abstract Art not so much visually represented as we would see it in the real world but a display of something more magical and unexpected. Abstraction Photographer Angela Burtraw takes no ‘imagination-impaired’ prisoners when it comes to her super macro photographs.

Before you read any further, can you guess what you are looking at in the photograph above? Do you see tiny soft droplets of water, or a rough bumpy textured surface? Is it something you would expect to give you a runny nose? Angela offered me some insight into her creative process and inspiration behind her photo, Abstract Blue Glass.

“I love to create abstract art images. It’s been a focus of my work for a while now. I find endless enjoyment in transforming objects into something unusual and beautiful. My creative process is generally driven by whatever my subject matter is. I often look for objects to photograph that inspire me, and then I explore and experiment with manipulating them based on how that particular object speaks to me. In this case, I found a gorgeous glass bowl with a textured surface and an uneven rim. The second I saw the bowl; I knew I had to photograph it.

For this image, I used side lighting to enhance the textured surface. Plus, I used blue and purple gels to add visual interest through color. I also used Photoshop to slightly enhance the colors and make them more vibrant. The final image, in my opinion, doesn’t resemble a bowl at all. To me it looks more like something you might see under a microscope. However, what it looks like is open for interpretation. That’s part of what I love about doing abstract work. I find it so interesting to hear what other people think they are looking at when they view my work. I find it actually gives me a little bit of insight into who they are. “

With abstraction, we are free to let our imagination run wild and of course, keep us on our toes. The most wonderful thing about this art form is the room for our  wandering thoughts to collect and form an idea or emotion about what we are looking it. Burtraw offered up a good tip for photographers interested in experimenting with abstract and macro photography. By using side lighting on your object, the texture is enhanced and creates a  lot of depth on the surface.

Angela is the fine art photographer and owner behind her company, Angela Rose Photography. Her online Etsy shop lists beautiful and unique abstract art images, landscapes, and flowers, among other things. 

Photography is her passion and she’s been in love with creating images since her first course in high school. She holds a degree in Photographic Imaging and is constantly improving what she creates. She finds inspiration all around her in interesting objects, color, textures, food, music, and even her husband and son. She loves to experiment with alternative digital processes, such as digital infrared, digital pinhole, and various Photoshop techniques as seen in her work. In addition to Etsy, you can visit Angela on the web & on Facebook!

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