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Give your home a Summer Pick-Me-Up!

I know It’s only May, but doesn’t it seem like everything worth mentioning (read: looking forward to!) starts earlier and earlier? It bugs me! Here is sunny south Florida it’s already H-O-T and the bees are working their magic spreading pollen cheer!  I figured I would embrace it for a second… living life in the fast lane — and all. Honestly, I prefer to just take things slow and breathe it all in.. I just can’t wait for summer! I’ve been stocking my store with PLENTY of summer decor items for your those rooms that need a pick-me-up. These pillow cases are GORGEOUS. They are so bright and so vivid and they just give my bed enough pop! to be dangerous.

I have no plans this summer aside from reading, painting, and hunting down as many drum circles as possible to give my djembe some love. I am making a very personal journey through the summer months and into 2014 – everything will be on the back burner, but good things are coming! Hopefully I can find a spare few to do some photowalks, maybe a quick out-of-state trip, and finalizing some personal creative projects.

I’m currently stocking 18 flavors of my favorite summer photographs. Lead time is 2 weeks for production.

Each Pillow case is 16 x 16 inches. Listings are for throw pillow cases – only 35$!! Other sizes available, 18 X 18 & 20 x 20 available – inserts are an additional 10$ but you can easily pick your own ugly throw pillow up at a mega-mart and cover it in style!

Summer WIldflowersSummer Palms

Pink Tropical Flower

Summer Beach

You Are So Beautiful

Three Florida Palm Trees


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