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The Language

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The Language, a set on Flickr.

I’ve been a very busy bee in recent months and the blog has been neglected. 😦 I do have a few things that I’m proud to share with the world.

I’ve been working on a new “Language” series to complete my portfolio. So far the series consists of 8 images, with an intention of completing a set of 16 by the end of the year. All prints are available in my Etsy shop.
18 x 12″ – 75$ each.

A little about the series? Here is my artist’s statement: “By applying a dainty overlay of text using a short bold statement, I create a contextual relationship demonstrating the impact of language on unrelated images.”


Wondering what’s been up?

My photograph, “Horrible Thistle” is part of the Flor500 Project. An art project, recognized by the State of Florida, exhibiting the works of 500 Florida artists’ interpretations of 500 native Florida flowers. (Flor500.com)

You can view the piece here: http://www.xaviercortada.com/?page=FLOR468

This photograph is #468 of 500 in the project and is now licensed for creative commons.

After many many quarters of deliberation, I have finally decided that I will primarily offer only Large Format Prints. I believe that Fine Art is the focal point of a room, and should breathe new life into space. The benefit of Large Format Photography is the viewable range, enjoyable both close-up and from a distance.

I’ve been diligently working on narrowing my projected appearance and creative focus for my work. Creating cohesive portfolios across websites, my shop, and my tangible materials like business cards and packaging. In other words, reinforcing my “brand” – saying that makes me shudder a little inside.

Did you know that I don’t only create beautiful works of art with a camera, but also with paint and other materials? I’ve taken a sort of “sabbatical” if you will, from photography to recharge my batteries (pun intended). I have instead focused back on paint & canvas, most recently working with color & abstract-ish with a dash of expressionism.

I have a blog reserved for this particular medium, but because it has been more of just a fun thing to do, and nothing I intended to ever become “my work” I’m weary about putting it out here.. that and it’s really not all that great.

If you come across this post, what is your favorite motto or short inspirational saying that if given the chance, would share with the world? Post it in a comment below and it could be on my next part of the series!

Also, now through September 30th, you can save 10% of all Large Format Photography by using coupon code: SAVE10 in my Etsy shop!!


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