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November Update!

I am just not going to apologize anymore, I am bad at blogging — please forgive me.

However,  I have a few announcements.

Branding Overhaul. It is important for any business small or large to have a cohesive look and branding that reflects your product or style. I have always struggled with this because, well I have two. I have PIXELGRIN which is my domain name, and my Etsy shop name. It is for my “products,” for the things that make you smile. But, because I offer my photographic prints, I have always wanted to include JENNIFER JACKSON .photography. as well, because that is who/what I want to be known as. I was never able to really figure out a way to combine the two, but recently I figured it all out. I have a separate set of business cards and branding just for my Etsy and other orders. Yay, go me!  And so, here it is. Fun but elegant with a side of whimsical seriousness. 🙂

PixelGrin - Jennifer Jackson Photography


So, that’s that. Now for something a bit more selfless. I am proud to announce that I have decided to partner up with Shambhala Sun for their 2013 auction which benefits their publication and of course the transfer of buddhadharma. I have donated at their request, my Buddhist Prayer Flag Pillow case. Click the image below to go to the auction page and check out (even better, bid on!) my pillow case and all of the other items up for grabs until the auction ends on December 10th.

Pixelgrin pillow

I am now happy to offer TOTE BAGS – These babies, are bad ass! They come in 3 different sizes from a quaint 13 x 13inches to something Mary Poppins would dig, 20 x 20inches large. I have a bunch up, including a really cool one of Radio City Hall & a few from my Language Series. Check them out here. 


Just one last thing….

If you’re a fan of Street Artist, Banksy – which by now I’m sure a lot more people are aware of his existence. I was inspired watching his latest installation in New York, Better Out Then In. I have been a fan for many years, easily over a decade now – so I decided to list another/new set of Street Art Coasters from the dirty streets of Miami’s historic art district. These are nice and bright orange hues which remind me of the fall colors I am missing out on, living in Florida.  So if you know anyone who is into graffiti, Banksy, Street Art, or the beauty of vandalism, consider this as the perfect gift! Visit the click-through link to purchase!

il_fullxfull.350639606 copy


Until next time, thanks for reading! Comments, Questions, and Encouragement always welcomed!


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