Who is Jennifer Jackson?

I’m an award winning self-taught photographer and Florida native, born late October 1980 in Fort Lauderdale, where I still reside. I approach photography with a minimalistic philosophy and seldom use any type of artificial light.

Photography has been my passion since early childhood. Photographing my friends and the world around me, I developed the desire to preserve these moments forever and pursue photography for enjoyment. I use both film, and digital; professional and plastic cameras in my endeavors.

Watching my neighborhood change dramatically each year is what motivates me to continue traveling, and documenting the world today as witness for future generations. I feel that photographs allow us to see people and places that are long gone; it proves their existence and that these images can take you to places you’ve never been and help you ‘go back’ when not possible. I live by my motto “A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the memory is priceless.”

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, writing, reading non-fiction travel and textbooks, watching documentaries,  and creating art in many mediums. After all, it’s what keeps me going. I continuously seek new places, faces, and experiences to learn from, enjoy, and capture with my camera.

I have won superior prizes throughout the state of Florida. My photographs can be found in several print and online publications, and have been included in national photography exhibitions, as well as various stock collections including National Geographic. I am currently working on a series of photography books that encompass my journey to date.




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Hi Hello I'm Jennifer Jackson. ...and the world is my oyster...



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