Bucket List

I’ve been dreaming up (& keeping track of) all of the things that I wanted to experience in my life since I was a kid. Although, some areas have been easier to accomplish then others, I have enough desires to fill up an entire life time! I’m in no rush to get “through” this whole list. It’s a mental note to recognize an opportunity should it find itself flying around my face waving.  Here’s to dreams!

  • Tour the White House.
  • Grow my photography business enough to survive on it.
  • Ride an Elephant in Thailand.
  • Get Blessed by a Buddhist monk.
  • See Aurora Borealis.
  • Visit California.
  • Own a Hybrid car.
  • Visit the Maldives.
  • Write an iPhone app.
  • Get Published in a Magazine.
  • Attend Holi in India or Festival of colors in Utah!
  • Go on  Hot Air Balloon ride.
  • Go Kayaking.
  • Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Go to Europe.
  • Master Archery.
  • Try Glass Blowing.
  • Get SCUBA certified.
  • Visit New York.
  • Be on a Jury.
  • Go to a Sports game.
  • Sleep a night at Magic Bus 142.
  • Go to Burning Man.
  • Learn to read Tea Leaves.
  • Go Skydiving.
  • See Snow & Build a snowman.
  • Ride the Bullet Train in Japan.
  • Milk a Cow.
  • Swim in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Visit all 50 states.
  • Master a second language.
  • Have a Photography published in a magazine.
  • Buy a round of drinks for everyone at the bar.
  • Road Trip across the country and back.
  • Put a lock on Lover’s Lock Bridge in Paris.
  • Read a 500+ page book for pleasure.
  • Visit every US National Park on my list.
  • See a Banksy piece in person.
  • Play a Singing Bowl.
  • Learn to play the Bagpipes.
  • Meditate in a Buddhist Temple.


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