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The Unexpected Message

Let me start this post by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2014 be your most productive and fulfilling yet! I want to talk me for a minute, the candid photographer who recently was contacted by a unexpected person. So what is so special about candid photography? And well, what is it exactly? To begin with, what … Continue reading

November Update!

I am just not going to apologize anymore, I am bad at blogging — please forgive me. However,  I have a few announcements. Branding Overhaul. It is important for any business small or large to have a cohesive look and branding that reflects your product or style. I have always struggled with this because, well … Continue reading

New 2014 Calendar!

I know, like myself, that some of you are sick and tired of the digital world! Well, have no fear! I have a solution to help you welcome a little bit of old-school analog back into your life for 2014. You’re welcome. I’ve created 2 calendars for the new year, both which include 12 prints … Continue reading

The Language

The Language, a set on Flickr. I’ve been a very busy bee in recent months and the blog has been neglected. 😦 I do have a few things that I’m proud to share with the world. I’ve been working on a new “Language” series to complete my portfolio. So far the series consists of 8 … Continue reading

Give your home a Summer Pick-Me-Up!

I know It’s only May, but doesn’t it seem like everything worth mentioning (read: looking forward to!) starts earlier and earlier? It bugs me! Here is sunny south Florida it’s already H-O-T and the bees are working their magic spreading pollen cheer!  I figured I would embrace it for a second… living life in the … Continue reading

Features, Awards & New Coaster Sets!

So far 2013 is moving steadily right along. Yesterday I spent the day in the Emergency Room which was not a lot of fun, but now that I have some time to be at home and relax, I can work on things like blogging. 🙂 Last month I debuted 6 new sets of my coasters … Continue reading

Featured Photographer, Angela Burtraw.

There’s something mysterious about abstract art and while we readily fire off thoughts of painters or sculptors when we think about it, not much credit is given to other artist mediums. To be simple, Abstract Art not so much visually represented as we would see it in the real world but a display of something more magical and unexpected. … Continue reading

Find Motivation & Inspiration Now!

Happy August 1st! You’re probably wondering what’s so special about today right? Don’t worry you didn’t miss out on some huge world issue like the commencing of world peace, I’m just celebrating life. Happy to be alive today.. challenges and all. I’m spreading the news about 2 new collections that I created a few weeks … Continue reading

The 4 Best FREE websites to visually market yourself and your art in 2012.

I’m at the stage with PixelGrin where I am ready to kick my marketing up 2 notches.  I’ve been experimenting with views and statistics to give my business a boost in time for the holiday season. The summer months are slow for Etsy & retail in general. I get it!  It’s summertime and the living’s easy! So I asked … Continue reading

Simply Summer – PiXELGRiN style!

So over the past months I’ve designed and released 4 new sets of PixelGrin’s signature set of Polaroid Ceramic Drink Coasters including new personalization options! I’m super stoked to stock these suckers in my shop. Did you read that twice? These are for all of the saltheads who lead a salt life from the east … Continue reading

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