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How To: Star Trail Photography

With just a few pieces of standard equipment and a couple of hours, you can strengthen your portfolio and wow your friends with gorgeous photography that is literally out of this world!  Long exposure photography and composite imaging is a simple technique to master that yields stunning results and I’m going to show you how … Continue reading

How To: Display your photos without a frame. A DIY project on the cheap!

Whew! It’s been a while but as promised, I’m back with another quick, easy, and fun tutorial. If you’re like me and have tons of 4 x 6 inch prints laying around the house from vacations, events, and just every day snapshots from your busy life – it can be hard to figure out how … Continue reading

How To: Photo Transfer to Stretched Canvas

I’ve been doing a lot of photo transfers recently. Trying different methods and experimenting with different materials. I love the vintage bi-product of this transfer process. For a college class, I had to create a set of instructions and picked transferring a photo to canvas partly because I’ve been doing it so much and partly … Continue reading

How to: Take better family portraits!

A lesson learned is a lesson earned. It’s holiday season and because I feel that having photos of family is of upmost importance, I extended my services to friends. I haven’t dabbled too much in serious portraiture or family photography in  my years of experience; outside of the normal bounds of  get-togethers in which case my … Continue reading

How To: Pricing your Products

How much are you worth? Well, you are priceless but how much is your precious time? That’s a whole different story. Pricing your work is easy, but your time can be more tricky. If you are planning on taking your small business to another level, whether or not one for which you can survive on alone, then … Continue reading

How to: Photograph Pets & Animals

Now, more than ever society considers our four-legged friends more than just “pets” but an equal member of the family. I’m not saying people haven’t always loved their pets, because that’s just not true, but the increase of dog parks, pet clothes, pet daycare, and pets in public being more acceptable like restaurants and stores, … Continue reading

How to: Photograph Fireworks

How to Photograph Fireworks Just in time for Independence Day! If you read my post on Photographing Waterfalls then you are in good shape for capturing the colorful explosions that July 4th brings! You won’t need any filters, but you will need a tripod and a cable release if you have one. If you don’t … Continue reading

How to: Photograph Waterfalls

This was a popular post in a previous blog that I ran for a while and decided to re-write it. The basics of photographing waterfalls is fairly simple with the right equipment. I love photographing movement. Each time we are faced with shooting movement we have two choices as a photographer, and both yield dramatically … Continue reading

Black & White Photography, plus Tips!

Over the past few years I’ve found that some of my most favorite photographs that I’ve taken are those which have been converted to black & white. I always shoot in color, but do decide beforehand which photos I will convert to black and white.  I have a photography exhibition running right now, “From Here to … Continue reading

How to: Critique your own work.

Rules are meant to be broken. Remember that when reading over the next post about critiquing your work. It’s hard not to think of the criticism as being negative because it sort of is. Looking at your photography critically will shed a beam of light on all of the things that you can improve upon … Continue reading

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