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How to: Treat yourself to great Travel Photography!

The summer months have arrived for most of us which means tiny hoards of people will be packing their leather bags and setting off for adventures near and far. Whether you’re traveling 20 blocks or 2,000 miles – nothing can prepare you better for your vacation  than an arsenal of tips to make sure you capture the … Continue reading

Black & White Photography, plus Tips!

Over the past few years I’ve found that some of my most favorite photographs that I’ve taken are those which have been converted to black & white. I always shoot in color, but do decide beforehand which photos I will convert to black and white.  I have a photography exhibition running right now, “From Here to … Continue reading

How to: Critique your own work.

Rules are meant to be broken. Remember that when reading over the next post about critiquing your work. It’s hard not to think of the criticism as being negative because it sort of is. Looking at your photography critically will shed a beam of light on all of the things that you can improve upon … Continue reading

Master Product Photography in 3 steps.

First impressions. Think about what your habits are for window shopping because online shopping is very similar. When you are walking by a counter or storefront some things catch your eye and make you stop, while others just blend in with everything else.  Online, catchy bright colors and tiny unidentifiable  thumbnails might be enough to … Continue reading

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