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How To: Display your photos without a frame. A DIY project on the cheap!

Whew! It’s been a while but as promised, I’m back with another quick, easy, and fun tutorial. If you’re like me and have tons of 4 x 6 inch prints laying around the house from vacations, events, and just every day snapshots from your busy life – it can be hard to figure out how … Continue reading

10 Goals all Photographers should ‘shoot’ for.

Never leave your camera at home.   You will never miss an opportunity if your camera is always at your side. It might be some what of an extra hassle to keep it with you at all times, but you will develop a greater sense of observation by being aware of your camera constantly. If you … Continue reading

5 Fantastic year long photo projects.

Looking for a challenge to wake up your creativity through photography? People all around the world are dedicating one year (or more!) to yearly photo projects. You’ve probably already seen one or more of them, maybe even completed one, or attempted to. It takes a lot of discipline and some days ideas will come easier … Continue reading

How to: find inspiration – 21 ideas.

It happens to all of us.  We desire to go out and shoot something, anything..but what? For me, my creativity sometimes just drops off the face of the earth for a few days. I get in a funk that feels like I’ve just been everywhere that’s local to me– nothing jumps out and smacks me … Continue reading

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