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I heart this: Gifts for Photographers part 2.

It’s been quite a while since I did an “I heart this:” post. This is part two of my favorite finds from Etsy, and it’s all about photographers! You can find part one here. If you have a photographer friend, or perhaps you just want to indulge yourself because you deserve it, then check out … Continue reading

Etsy Photographer Spotlight

Selling your work online is both challenging and time consuming as it requires a lot of work both online and off. It’s one thing to just put some up some art  and wait for people to find you– mark my word you won’t get very far with that approach.  You have to first have a … Continue reading

The 5 most Inspiring Photographers in the world.

The photographers listed  below are in no particular order. The are ALL number one in my book, and deserve it.  I’m a dreamer. I often see myself in far-away places that I’ve not been blessed to visit– it keeps me on track and with hope, that one day I will get to see all of … Continue reading

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