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Give your home a Summer Pick-Me-Up!

I know It’s only May, but doesn’t it seem like everything worth mentioning (read: looking forward to!) starts earlier and earlier? It bugs me! Here is sunny south Florida it’s already H-O-T and the bees are working their magic spreading pollen cheer!  I figured I would embrace it for a second… living life in the … Continue reading

Stories: Tropical Storm Isaac

Nerd Alert! Okay, so my husband is an uber weather geek. He is obsessive over the weather, so much that  he ran a (now defunct – on hiatus) weather blog and Twitter account for Broward Weather. Many years ago I took the Skywarn class with him and became a certified, registered storm spotter. Since then, … Continue reading

Find Motivation & Inspiration Now!

Happy August 1st! You’re probably wondering what’s so special about today right? Don’t worry you didn’t miss out on some huge world issue like the commencing of world peace, I’m just celebrating life. Happy to be alive today.. challenges and all. I’m spreading the news about 2 new collections that I created a few weeks … Continue reading

I heart this: The fPOE Collective Vol. 2

Over the years of selling my photography on Etsy I’ve met some fantastic people with common interests. A group of ladies whom I can both learn from and teach to; tricks  and processes to continue to grow my fine art business to epic proportions. I haven’t fully made the jump from side project to full time … Continue reading

FREE Printable 2012 Calendar!

Happy New Year! I’m only a few days late for this post but I’ve super busy lately preparing for the great things to come this year (that’s a hint to cut me some slack)! I wanted to thank all of my readers so I created this spiffy little calendar filled with some of my favorite … Continue reading

Travel: New York City

It’s certainly hard to sum up New York City in a few paragraphs. The first thing I noticed about the city was the abundance of black-coat-wearing, fast walking, hoards of people..everywhere. It’s not like I grew up in the sticks or anything.. you know, where my closest neighbor was 5 miles down the road. No, … Continue reading

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