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2012 Wrap Up & Holiday Photography Tips!

Although 2012 has not been as productive photographically as previous years. I have been laying low in the midst of other things going on. I have been focusing on growing PixelGrin into a self sustainable career change for me. This year has certainly been quite interesting – a lot of unexpected happenings, but alas I … Continue reading

How to: Treat yourself to great Travel Photography!

The summer months have arrived for most of us which means tiny hoards of people will be packing their leather bags and setting off for adventures near and far. Whether you’re traveling 20 blocks or 2,000 miles – nothing can prepare you better for your vacation  than an arsenal of tips to make sure you capture the … Continue reading

The Importance of Reworking & Rediscovering “Throw Aways.”

After coming back from a trip the first thing I do (before even unpacking!) is start the process of sorting through, generally,  hundreds or thousands of photos depending on the destination and the time spent there. It’s known as a workflow, and I’ve yet to make a post about it — maybe I will soon. … Continue reading

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