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Give your home a Summer Pick-Me-Up!

I know It’s only May, but doesn’t it seem like everything worth mentioning (read: looking forward to!) starts earlier and earlier? It bugs me! Here is sunny south Florida it’s already H-O-T and the bees are working their magic spreading pollen cheer! ¬†I figured I would embrace it for a second… living life in the … Continue reading

Features, Awards & New Coaster Sets!

So far 2013 is moving steadily right along. Yesterday I spent the day in the Emergency Room which was not a lot of fun, but now that I have some time to be at home and relax, I can work on things like blogging. ūüôā Last month I debuted 6 new sets of my coasters … Continue reading

The Dirty, but Beautiful, Streets of Miami.

Miami is an interesting and unique place. ¬†While Miami is very dirty, and also very high-class; sometimes literally one block to the next, the eclectic culture is not easily matched.¬†I’ve talked about¬†my opinions¬†on the city and surrounding areas¬†before so there’s always been the love-hate thing going on. My biggest gripe about the area is traffic, … Continue reading

Tips: iSee – iPhoneography

As much as I would love to always carry around my camera, the pure weight of my Canon 5D Mark II, even ¬†without a lens can be a burden. Also, leaving it in my car all the time is just foolish. However, with the advancement of mobile camera optics, it makes having access to capture … Continue reading

Stories: Tropical Storm Isaac

Nerd Alert! Okay, so my husband is an uber weather geek. He is obsessive over the weather, so much that ¬†he ran a (now defunct – on hiatus) weather blog and Twitter account for Broward Weather. Many years ago I took the Skywarn class with him and became a certified, registered storm spotter. Since then, … Continue reading

Find Motivation & Inspiration Now!

Happy August 1st! You’re probably wondering what’s so special about today right? Don’t worry you didn’t miss out on some huge world issue like the commencing of world peace, I’m just celebrating life. Happy to be alive today.. challenges and all. I’m spreading the news about 2 new collections that I created a few weeks … Continue reading

Simply Summer – PiXELGRiN style!

So over the past months I’ve designed and released 4 new sets of PixelGrin’s signature set of Polaroid Ceramic Drink Coasters including new personalization options! I’m super stoked to stock these suckers in my shop. Did you read that twice? These are for all of the saltheads who lead a salt life from the east … Continue reading

How to: Treat yourself to great Travel Photography!

The summer months have arrived for most of us which means tiny hoards of people will be packing their leather bags and setting off for adventures near and far. Whether you’re traveling 20 blocks or 2,000 miles – nothing can prepare you better for your vacation ¬†than an¬†arsenal¬†of tips to make sure you capture the … Continue reading

Stories: Waiting & Anticipation – Magazine Feature!

Where have I been? Way back in February I was contacted by an Admin on Etsy for a Press Request from Ladies Home Journal. They “possibly” wanted to feature my polaroid style coasters in their upcoming issue. Unable to meet the 2 day deadline for them to receive my coasters, I was very disappointed. After … Continue reading

The Importance of Reworking & Rediscovering “Throw Aways.”

After coming back from a trip the first thing I do (before even unpacking!) is start the process of sorting through, generally, ¬†hundreds or thousands of photos depending on the destination and the time spent there. It’s known as a workflow, and I’ve yet to make a post about it — maybe I will soon. … Continue reading

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